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First and foremost, Ming is a family man.

Raised in the Huntley Project, where his father’s profession as a family physician instilled in him a deep sense of community pride, Ming and his wife Digna made the deliberate choice to raise their two children in Montana. Ming is deeply grateful for the privilege of calling this uniquely beautiful place home, where his childhood was spent enjoying Montana’s public lands, hunting, fishing, and lending a hand to ranchers.

In his professional and academic life, Ming isn’t afraid get his hands dirty or take on a big challenge, having spent time both working as a mudlogger in the oil fields and attending medical school in Manila, eventually graduating from Creighton University with a degree in Biology. His ability to dive into the thick of things and come out energized and smiling extends beyond his professional and academic life and into his commitment to serving his community.

His track record of civil service in Billings speaks for itself. Ming has dedicated countless hours to promoting economic growth and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in Billings, all with the ultimate goal of advancing the well-being of Montana’s economy both now and in the future. His leadership roles as past chair of the Yellowstone Democrats, the Billings Heights Task Force, and the Billings Heights Water Board underscore his unwavering commitment to proactive leadership and community engagement.

In an increasingly divided nation, Ming’s talent for reaching across the aisle to bridge the gap between political parties has never been more crucial. As your future Representative in Washington, DC, he stands ready to be a voice for all Montanans.

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Ming Cabrera smiles while greeting a friendly horse.