Ming Cabrera

for US Congress

About Ming

I am a family man. I grew up in the Huntley Project, my father was a family physician and instilled in me the pride of the community. I live with the goal of continuously giving back – to always remember your roots.

I have been active in the city of Billings promoting economic growth, general business climate to improve outcomes for the present and future of Montana. I was the past chair of the Yellowstone Democrats, past chair of Billings Heights Task Force and past Chair of Billings Heights Water Board.

As a member of the Billings Heights Water Board I helped orchestrate a lawsuit settlement with the city of Billings for 2.96 million dollars, amended a 1958 district charter, advised state legislators to change statues for special districts, hired a new general manager, revised employee compensation, audits and financial consideration. As a board member, I am active in day to day needs to make sure the board oversees the functionality of the largest independent water district in the state of Montana.


I was part of the team of city, state, and federal legislatures, Chamber of Commerce and vocal citizens helping to deliver to the Billings Heights community over 80 million dollars in infrastructure for roads and vision planning for the city of Billings.


I am a graduate of Huntley Project High School, graduate of Creighton University and attended medical school in the Philippines. I worked in the healthcare field as a pharmaceutical representative in both the hospital and primary care arena. Presently, I am a property owner.


I am not afraid of a challenge. We need to bring Montana together, I am ready.

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