Ming Cabrera

for US Congress


Promote Public Education

I want to make sure public education remains strong in both large and small communities. The rivalries in sport, culture, forensics, music and most importantly intellectual activities makes us compete – then smile after an event is completed. We learn about each other and give back to our towns if our public schools are strong.

Strengthen Tourism and Agriculture

With a state with more cows than people. I cannot think of a better meal than to eat a Montana steak. The strength of the agriculture community depends on promoting the markets not only locally but worldwide. Tourism continues to grow and people want to visit Montana. As your Congressman, the stage I stand on will make sure I promote the economic base and protect these vital assets many people and nations envy.

Quality Healthcare

My understanding of healthcare is important to make sure the patient receives the benefits needed. Presently, Medicare benefits need to be protected. As noted, the provider needs and the patient needs are evolving. People work hard to pay into both Social Security and Medicare and deserve to make sure these benefits are defended.

A Voice for all Montanans

I was born, raised and lived in Montana my whole life. I welcome others who have come to Montana to live in our beautiful prairies, mountains, to raise and retire. We live in a beautiful country. I will be your voice. I believe in loving our neighbors. We can gather and find common ground and bring this spirit of love with more smiles and growth.

I need your trust, vote, and spirit, to move Montana forward. Please make a donation so I can bring our nation together.

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