Public Lands

I am dedicated to safeguarding Montana’s public lands as an essential part of our unique way of life. Montana’s identity is tightly linked to our pristine landscapes, crucial for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether you’re a hiker or a camper, a hunter or an angler, a wildlife photographer or an outfitter, these spaces hold value for everyone. Our outdoor traditions contribute not only to our cultural heritage but also significantly to our economy. I am committed to advocating for policies that protect our public lands, ensuring access for all outdoor enthusiasts, while recognizing the diverse ways these spaces enrich our lives and contribute to our state’s prosperity.

As the old Greek proverb goes, “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.” As your representative, I promise to honor that proverb though my commitment to preserving Montana’s public lands for generations to come.

Affordable Healthcare

As an advocate for affordable and high-quality healthcare with years of experience working in the medical field, I strongly support policies that prioritize both affordability and excellence in Montana’s healthcare system. The worrying closures of nursing homes, rural hospitals, and the lack of mental healthcare access across the state highlight the critical need for immediate action. We can no longer afford to procrastinate on this issue; we must work together to ensure access to essential services in underserved areas and to expand Medicare prescription drug coverage right now. These actions are essential to alleviate financial burdens on our elderly and at-risk populations, and on the taxpayers who are footing the bill for expensive and preventable emergency services in the absence of preventative care.

Furthermore, it is important that we untie the hands of healthcare providers and finally empower them to make diagnostic decisions in the best interest of their patients, instead of asking them to spend their precious time negotiating with bureaucrats who hold the purses strings. Upholding these principles requires concrete policy initiatives aimed at improving access, affordability, and quality of care statewide, and a candidate with the background to be able to make sense of it all. I am that candidate, and I can’t wait to advocate for you.

Public Schools and Early Childhood Education

As a product of Huntley Project Schools in Worden, Montana, I stand as a testament to the profound impact of public education. My experiences in Montana’s public schools were the stepping-stones that shaped my path, and I am profoundly grateful for the transformative opportunities they provided. My commitment to protecting public schools goes beyond words; it’s a passionate pledge to safeguard the heart of our society’s greatest equalizer, from the son of immigrant parents who understands firsthand how important that equalizer can be.

I condemn any and all attempts to defund our public schools or abandon the educators who put their whole hearts into educating the next generation on a daily basis. I ask that we all join together to ensure that every student, regardless of background, can access the education they deserve, and I promise to put everything I’ve got into protecting funding for public education and its pivotal role in shaping generations to come.

In addition, I recognize the critical importance of early childhood education in laying the foundation for a child’s future success. Unfortunately, Montana faces a severe shortage of slots in these programs, creating potential long-term fallout for children and families lacking access. As your future representative, I am dedicated to addressing this gap, advocating for increased resources, and unconditionally supporting early childhood education initiatives. Ensuring that every child has access to quality early education is not just an investment in their individual growth but a commitment to building a stronger, more equitable community and fostering a brighter future for Montana.

Second Amendment

As a dedicated hunter and proud gun owner who has spent hundreds of hours hunting with my son and dogs on Montana’s public lands and cherishing the tradition of harvesting wild game for family meals, I firmly believe that we must protect our Second Amendment rights – not just for recreation, but for protection. Rural Montanans know better than anyone how long it can take for emergency services to reach us when the worst happens – and how important it is that we retain the right to defend ourselves, our families, and our property. These rights are deeply woven into the fabric of Montana’s culture, fostering a sense of connection to our land and heritage that cannot and should not be broken.

It is essential to recognize that with these rights come responsibilities, as those of us who were raised with a healthy respect for the power of a firearm instinctively understand. We must strike a balance between preserving our constitutional freedoms and enacting sensible measures to prevent firearms from falling into the hands of individuals who pose a threat to public safety. I advocate for increased support and funding for firearm safety programs for all ages, and increased access to mental health intervention programs to solve the root cause of violence before it has a chance to harm our communities. With these two policies in place, we can protect both our cherished traditions and the well-being of our communities.

Energy Production

My connection to the energy-producing communities of Montana is a personal one; I’ve gotten my hands dirty working in the oil fields of Eastern Montana and was raised in a community near Colstrip and Roundup that was sustained by the hard work of coal miners and their families. These experiences have instilled in me a deep respect for their role in shaping the economic prosperity of this great state. Montana’s history of growth is owed in large part to the labor of these communities, and it is essential that we honor that legacy by investing heavily in their continued success. I believe in proactively investing in our coal-fueled communities by tapping into the so-called coal severance funds intended to strengthen the foundation of towns whose labor filled the coffers in the first place. Our commitment to supporting towns like Colstrip must translate into tangible action, demonstrating that our promises are more than just campaign slogans.

At the end of the day, our communities deserve the same diversified portfolios enjoyed by some of our wealthiest elected officials; investing in support for coal communities alongside more diversified energy portfolios and vocational training programs will help get us there. Investing in Montana’s future as a leader in energy production while ensuring the sustainability of good union jobs right here at home is non-negotiable for me, and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure we have the tools to make it happen.

Reproductive Freedom

As a degree-holder in biology with years of experience in the medical field, my stance on reproductive rights is shaped by both academic and professional knowledge and compassionate humanity. Working in a hospital in the Philippines, I witnessed the devastating consequences of restrictive abortion laws, where women faced life-threatening situations and the loss of both maternal and fetal lives. Reflecting on this experience, I echo the words of Pope Francis, who wisely asked, ‘Who am I to judge?’

It is not the government’s role to pry into our private medical records or to make moral decisions about women’s healthcare. I firmly believe that women are perfectly capable of making these deeply personal decisions for themselves, and as a candidate for public office, I am committed to opposing legislation that would limit a woman’s right to choose and actively supporting measures that codify this fundamental right once and for all. Everyone deserves the autonomy to make decisions about our own bodies, and it is my pledge to stand firm in ensuring that this right is protected and upheld.

LGBTQ+ Issues

My heartfelt commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ community is grounded in allyship, empathy, and faith that has instilled in me a lifelong belief in the power of unconditional love.
In recognition of the concerning rates of suicide and mental health crises within the LGBTQ+ community, my campaign is further committed to serving as a beacon of genuine encouragement and hope, steering clear of the fear-mongering tactics so often employed for political gain. I warmly invite anyone feeling disheartened to reach out to me and let me know how I can help, how I can better use this platform to support their well-being, and how I can improve.

As your representative, I promise to oppose any legislation that threatens the LGBTQ+ community’s ability to live authentically and free from fear. I firmly believe in a future where every individual, regardless of sexual orientation, not only thrives but also contributes to our shared tapestry with joy and authenticity, and I am certain that there is a bright future ahead of us if we can all work together.

Environmental Stewardship

As a man with the privilege of experience both in the oil fields of Eastern Montana and the lecture halls of medical school, I have developed a strong preference for no-nonsense, scientific, evidence-based decision making. I believe in realistic and actionable solutions that benefit us all and are rooted in reliable science. I am deeply committed to preserving our planet for future generations and ensuring a sustainable way of life for our children and grandchildren. I advocate for investment in renewable energy to ensure Montana remains at the forefront of innovation and isn’t left behind in the transition to cleaner sources of power, I commend the brave young people who took their case for better environmental stewardship all the way to the Montana Supreme Court and won, and I support incentivizing lower emissions and promoting environmentally friendly practices to reduce our carbon footprint and safeguard our planet for future generations.

Additionally, I recognize the significance of supporting and listening to communities reliant on fossil fuels, whose labor has contributed to Montana’s economic strength and made discussions about a clean, sustainable future financially feasible. Having grown up in one of those small towns, I know firsthand how very real their concerns are and how important it is to offer them a seat at the table for these conversations. It is essential to balance environmental conservation with the well-being of the communities most impacted by these policies, striving for solutions that benefit all parties while addressing the challenges of climate change. We cannot make decisions about our collective future without affording all parties a voice in the conversation.